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Horses aren’t just a hobby—they’re part of your family.

As equestrians, we learn to communicate with animals who don’t speak our language. We work to gain their trust, and in turn, our horses fly over huge oxers, slickly turn around barrels, and wade through creeks with us on our backs. They’re not just pets. They are teammates, confidants, and best friends. How cool is that?

I’m lucky to have some pretty amazing horses in my life, and I know just how it feels to connect with that special “heart horse”. Waffle and I are like two peas in a pod, and I can’t imagine life without him. That’s the why behind Kate at the In Gate: to deliver images and embroidered art to crazy horse girls just like me that totally capture the intricacies of your relationship with your pony bestie.

Kate Behind the In Gate

My parents made the mistake of sending me to horse camp at the age of 9 and I’ve never looked back since. After a couple of summers of learning how to post the trot at camp, I started taking weekly lessons in 8th grade and it was by far the highlight of my week every single time my mom drove me to the barn! My parents aren’t “horsey”, so it took them awhile to warm up to the idea of showing, let alone buying a horse, but they have been so supportive of my riding dreams from the beginning and have caught on to this crazy horse show lifestyle as best they can.

I’m the proud “mom” to four horses—Mac, Marley, Waffle and Gigi—and feel lucky to count them as my best pals. I heavily embrace the adult ammy lifestyle and am very grateful to have ponies that get me to the other side of the fence no matter how terribly I ruin the distance. I’ve shown in Florida, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee in all three rings and try to enjoy the ride as much as I can.  

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Favorite horse show:

Great Lakes Equestrian Festival in Traverse City, Michigan or WEF

What I’m currently working on in the saddle:

Remembering to breathe!

Best riding memory:

The time I was 10th in a USHJA National Derby with Waffle or Marley’s first show back after colic surgery. Or maybe my first time moving up with Gigi and hearing my barnmates cheering for me after I went double clear. Honestly, I have too many good memories to choose from!

Must-have item in my tack trunk:

Bar in a Jar saddle soap. It’s the best! 

Riding idols:

Kent Farrington and Jen Alfano